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A number of simulations are available to share with the public.  Each scenario, however, has an educational component that will leave the attendees / participants with a better understanding of how many of these situations can unfold.



In all of the scenarios, attendees will be participating through the eyes of a law enforcement officer.  The expected outcomes for those participating, is that attendees walk away with a better understanding of the decisions an officer has to make - often within only a few seconds.


A former employee has returned to his workplace to seek vengeance on his former boss and co-workers. You will be placed in a first responder role and will have to make split second decisions to defuse this volatile situation and stop further loss of life.


*This scenario is based on an actual situation that occurred in 2014.





You spot a vehicle with outstanding violations and initiate a traffic stop. The occupants are belligerent and verbally abusive. Situations can range from the driverís open-hand attacks to an ambush by the passenger.


You will be forced to be assertive in this highly charged scenario.




In this simulation, you are responding to a domestic call involving a man who has beaten his wife with a hammer and is now threatening to harm his children. The suspect is extremely aggressive and possibly suffering from a mental disorder.


You will be tasked to remain alert as this situation can turn deadly without warning. At the same time, you will have to exercise good verbal communication skills to defuse the situation.


*The scenario is based on an actual event that occurred in 2014.


Your shift has just ended, and you are on your way home when a broadcast is aired that an armed suspect has entered a school close to your residence. You call for back up and enter the school. You must act quickly and decisively to prevent this active shooter from carrying out his deadly mission.



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