Indianapolis, IN

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Tasha Phelps, MSCJPS, CISSP

President & CEO

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Tasha Phelps is significantly experienced in using technology to manage information.  Being able to FIRST understand the nature of an issue, followed with the capacity to RESOLVE it, has created a competitive advantage for her company.  Protecting the integrity of information continues to be a strategic focus within Ms. Phelps’ Cyber Security efforts.  She has seen the impact of businesses being compromised by malicious threats, and shares how building contingency plans can be of value.  Her approach is to align business processes with technical solutions to create powerful plans for sustainability. 


Jeff Elledge, MBA, MCP

Director of IT Services


Jeff started his information management career 20 years ago, and while working in manufacturing, his interests led him to pursue an education in the field.  His education and experience has created great value for Phelco and its clients.  Jeff uses this experience to identify information, create tools to mine that information and present that information in a fashion that businesses can use it to drive decision making.  The protection and use of data is the key to success in the 21st century. 


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