Regulatory controls and compliance to those regulations is critical to a sustainable infrastructure.  Our support services allow us to position clients with appropriate policies and a solid knowledgebase for managed care.  PROACTIVELY, we consult on contingency planning so that you stay operable when bad things happen.

IT Compliance

IT Policy Development

Cybersecurity Audit & Compliance

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Digital Forensics

We believe that information technology services are a function of business strategy, rather than just a function of digital transactions.  That said, we take a strategic business approach to the integration of HOW and WHY and WHAT technologies are appropriate tools for our clients because regulatory controls and compliance to those regulations is critical to a sustainable infrastructure.. 

IT Best Practices Training

Managed IT Support Services

Business Impact Analysis

PC Imaging & Data Conversion

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Facility Design Specifications are critical to the design of a facility.  Owners and operators of SMART facilities should consider how the technology plays a role in the over all data-management plan for the facility.  To that end, we work with ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS to write design specifications for:

Division 26 - Electrical

Division 27 - Information Transport

Division 28 - Security

Websites, web applications, mobile web technology... We do it!  Phelco offers a variety of scalable and customizable web services to fit critical business needs, because "websites" aren't just "websites" anymore.  We help to create your digital foot print in a fashion that is unique, secure and relatable.

Site Development

Application Development



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