Phelco Technologies is an innovative IT solutions firm headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Since 1997, we have provided exceptional service to clients in many industries. We are dedicated to providing quality service.

When the company began in 1997, it was instrumental in bridging the communication gap between business departments and technology departments within an organization because (then) there was a significant language barrier. Since that time, Phelco Technologies has grown to clearly illustrate that the strategic integration of technology into a business model will drive success. This focus has become the company’s core competency and has led to over decade of profitability and sustained growth.


  • City of Indianapolis - MBE, WBE
  • State of NY - MBE, WBE
  • State of IN - MBE, WBE, ACDBE
  • State of VA - MBE, WBE
  • US Federal Government - 8(a), SDB, DBE