About Phelco Technologies

Phelco Technologies is considered a veteran in the IT industry, having served clients for more than 20 years.  Federal, State, Local government entities, as well as large, mid-sized and small businesses have all consulted with Phelco for support on a number or projects.

As a certified minority-owned (MBE), woman-owned (WBE), and disadvantaged-owed business (DBE), Phelco sits at the table to address the security worries for many businesses and government agencies. 

Coping with IT Security Challenges...

Phelco takes great pride in being able to assist clients with security challenges.  Every client is unique, but each challenge is the same... 

We answer questions like:

  • What measures need to be taken so that there is continuity of operations? 

  • Who needs to be involved with decision making?

  • How much is it going to cost?

  • Who is going to monitor the service(s)?

  • Is our data secure on our network?

  • How do we assess vulnerabilities?

Writing IT Security Policies

Policies are written to govern the behaviors of end-users.  IT security policies are no exception.  With an increased risk of creating vulnerabilities, it is critical for end-users to understand the impact their actions may have in their business environment. 

Phelco has written policies for organizations for over a decade, and continues to write them relative to the current cyber possture of the state and federal governing classes.  The crossroads of policy and procedure are finite and must be carefully applied to management of organizational plan.

From the President

"By writing cyber policies and instituting cyber security practices, organizations can work to overcome improper behavior.  This ultimately leads to a reduction of risk factors and improves the bottom line."

- Tasha Phelps, President & CEO

What Our Clients Say

 "Always available as needed and willing to put in as many hours as needed when necessary."

- Clear Channel Airports
Allentown, PA


"It is Consultrix’s collective opinion that Phelco is with out a doubt a company with people that you can rely on and be glad you did."

- Consultrix Technologies
Ridgeland, MS


"Personnel assigned to our project were extremely helpful and provided good 'customer service.' In fact the contractor has done a number of projects for us and we plan to continue using them."

- Center Township of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN




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